Lately I’ve been busy getting ready for Brian and my knighting in the Adrian Empire. The Adrian Empire is a Medieval/Renaissance re-creation group we belong to.

We wanted it to be special, since we’ve worked hard for this accomplishment. Brian was knighted in Combat, and was named Knight Bachelor. He received a blue belt and spurs for his achievement. I was knighted in Ministry, and was named Knight Minister. I also received a blue belt. We both received a surprise honor, we were named Lord and Lady of the Court for our hard work over the past year.

We autocrated the February event, which we named “Knights in White Satin”. We set up many fun games, shoot the knight, a poetry contest and combat. Our knights chose their ardent admirers by lottery. And we had great prizes of brushed brass candlesticks and small photo frames.

I (as the Arts and Science Minister) had a Arts tourney. Contestants had to enter a gift, no larger then 5×7. It had to contain the color white or red. An extra point was awarded for a secret. I entered for the first time with an Illuminated letter “A” (Brian’s play name is Alexander of Manchester). My secret is in the top right corner. The dots in that corner represent our anniversary date. I was beat out by 1 point for the tourney win. But I was very pleased with my entry. I will have it framed soon, and it will hang with our other illuminations and awards in the office.

When you see us in costume you can address us as… his Lordship Sir Alexander of Manchester and her Ladyship Dame Cealleigh inghean ui Ceallachain, Baroness of Brammer Glen… or hey you, people wearing funny clothes.



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