Artist Rising

I am going to start trying out various on-line Art Galleries to sell my work. First up… Artist Rising. My gallery can be found here.

Right now I am only using their free membership version. I want to see the response before I commit. Unfortunately, my first impression is not the best. Their communication of the process is very poor, even within their FAQ and help. While the site lets you know the images you upload have to go through approval, it doesn’t let you know that the Print on Demand also needs approval. While all images were approved, I was rejected on one POD, with absolutely no explanation what-so-ever. This is very frustrating.

I did contact their help desk and received a good reply. But that same reply should have been included in the rejection email. I will take a look at the image, see if I can correct it to their specific problems and try again.

I am happy that my Coneflower painting made the front page of ArtistRising for recently uploaded art, and I got 120 hits the first day. But for now I am in a holding pattern, waiting to see if I get any purchases before I become a premium member.

I am striking out to other galleries because while Etsy has a great following and very talented people. It is not a site that a people think of for original artwork. I also have issues with the lack of control sellers have over their storefront. I would like more control over how items are shown in the home page store front, rather just be recently listed. The way the storefronts work now, works against artists who post various sizes of the same painting. I have several of the same painting 3 times on the first page.

So I will be trying out ImageKind, RedBubble, ArtistRising, and perhaps Boundless Gallery. I have high hopes for ImageKind, since it is owned by CafePress and I have a successful CafePress site and love the control I have over that storefront.

More as I continue my foray into online art galleries.


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