Zazzle Shop Now Open

I’ve decided to try out Zazzle and see how I do selling designs. Some of the selling features are easier then CafePress, some are more frustrating.

I like that when you create an item, it appears on all items in that category (i.e. apparel). I like that you can choose your model, style of shirt etc. I think it makes for a more exciting storefront. I also like their embroidery option better then CafePress, it will work well with my dog breed designs.

Another plus is that Zazzle is free, no premium shop charges. I can also set my own royalty percentage. This option has pretty much been eliminated from CafePress. If someone buys from the marketplace (i.e. a CafePress search), CafePress sets the price. Unless you are driving a lot of business directly to your site, where you can set the prices. Alas, though I’ve tried to sell directly from my site, it rarely works. Most of my sales have been from search engines.

On the negative side, I don’t like that I can’t exclude certain colors/patterned shirts from my designs. I guess I will have to rely on the customer not being a total idiot and knowing that a design is not going to look good on a houndstooth print shirt. Houndstooth? Are you kidding me?

While Zazzle is not as popular as CafePress with buyers. It also has a lot less competition from other sellers.

My shop can be found here. I have about nine designs up right now. I will be adding more in the next few days.


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