So You Want Me to Add Your Listing to My Treasury

Here are attempting to sell your product on Esty  and you aren’t getting any sales, hearts or listed in a treasury… What’s going on? More then likely it’s your photograph. All too often bad photography will prevent you from getting any attention. There is some stiff competition out there and you need to step it up. Your listings photograph is your advertisement, bad photograph, bad advertisement.

So what makes me an expert? I don’t consider myself an expert, but I have over 25 years in the graphic design business. In this business I’ve had to make some of the most boring things in the world interesting. I’ve been an artist for far longer and have a “good eye”, good instinct, good design sense, and lots of experience.

I also spend a lot of time looking at listings for treasuries. When I’m in the mood, I have at least one treasury up a week. I see some beautiful photographs, but more often I see a lot of garbage. I’ve seen ugly things photographed beautifully. I’ve seen listings that were probably phenomenal but because of a bad photograph will not gain any attention.

If you want to be taken seriously on Etsy, you need to take your “advertising” seriously. It is an investment. An investment in your sales, an investment in your talents and in yourself.

While this blog is just a quick overview. In future blogs I will write in more depth about how you can start making an investment in your Etsy shop. The biggest investment you will need to make is not money, but time. Time to do things artistically, stylishly and correctly.

Briefly you need to think about investing in:

  • Time spent looking a magazines, websites, photographs that are appealing and stylish
  • A good digital camera
  • Photo editing software
  • Taking a class in photo editing
  • Spending time to edit your photos

A Good Digital Camera

When I mention a good digital camera, I’m not necessarily talking about a super fancy SLR. A good point and shoot will do. Two of Consumer Reports best buys are $100.00 or less: the Kodak Easy Share C160 or the Kodak Easy Share M360. For a little more money you can get a recommended Canon SureShot A1000 IS. All these cameras have 9 megapixels or better. Which means you can print out a 12×16 or smaller and have it look great. Here is a link to an article that explains the benefits/drawbacks of megapixel sizes. The biggest benefit to 9 megapixels or more is the ability to crop (eliminate) junk out of your photo.

Photo Editing Software

Most computer’s have a minimal software for photo editing. What you need for good photographs is photo software that allows you to rotate, crop, and blur. The two highest rated are Adobe Photoshop Elements $99.99, and Corel Paintshop Pro $69.99. Either of these two programs will allow you to create stunning and interesting photos.

Along with purchasing the software I recommend taking a class. Many community colleges offer adult education classes for reasonable fees. Remember this is an investment into your business. You don’t need to be a “power user” like me. You need some basic knowledge of how to make the software work for you. In a future blog I will pass on some tips and links to tutorials that can help you.

My next blog will cover some tips for taking good photos.


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