Reproduction Is Not A Dirty Word

The other day I was hanging out in the Etsy forums and came across a comment that (to put it nicely) really ticked me off. The comment was that most artists disdain prints and reproductions. Basically that it’s a dirty word. Man did my blood pressure hit the roof. On the contrary I feel that most artists sell reproductions and prints. We wouldn’t make money otherwise. There are a few artists out there that deal only in originals, but they are a very small minority.

As an artist I know that not everyone can afford an original piece of art. That is why I offer a variety of sizes and price ranges. I don’t feel that my art should only be enjoyed by the elite few. In fact, art is for everybody, and should be enjoyed by everybody.

With the vast amounts of galleries now online, art has become more accessible then ever. This is great news for people who might feel intimidated by walking into a gallery to view art. Not only has the internet made art more accessible, it has made it more affordable. With the advances in printer and ink technology reproductions have become more affordable. In some instances most would be hard pressed to identify the difference between the original and the reproduction.

Original artwork has become more affordable also. Since artists no longer have to rely on having their pieces displayed in a gallery, they are free to create smaller more affordable pieces.

If you see a piece that you love and just want to own… don’t feel bad about purchasing a reproduction. Don’t be shy about contacting the artist about getting a reproduction if you see a piece that has already sold. We, as artists, generally are not snobs. While we take our work seriously, we aren’t insulted when you can’t afford an original.


One Response to “Reproduction Is Not A Dirty Word”

  1. Well said! I could most likely never afford original art were it not for prints.

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