Outlaw Craft Show

It might seem that I’ve been awfully quiet lately, but actually I’ve been running (mentally) around like a chicken with my head cut-off. I’ve been asked to join the Outlaw Craft Show here in Vancouver on November 28th. This is a smaller, juried craftshow showcasing the talented artists in Vancouver, WA and some from the Portland Metro area.

So I’ve been scrambling trying to get inventory ready, a booth set-up, business cards, etc. I have a good friend working on my solution for displays. I’ve been buying yarn right and left, and knitting like mad. I’ve recruited my good friend Gayle to crochet scarves for me. I’ve also been haunting the thrift shops for high-quality sweaters to felt and re-purpose.

I need to take photos and upload to Etsy the six items I’ve finished, but haven’t had the time. If my husband weren’t working on a book right now, I think I’d be teaching him how to knit… okay maybe not. But I’d  teach him how to felt the sweaters, I have to felt by hand because we own front-load washers (worthless for felting).


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