Handmade Gift Guide for Younger Kids

Today I’m featuring some handmade gift ideas for those wacky kids in your life, hopefully they’re all on Santa’s nice list. All these gifts suggestions are handmade, and because I have great taste… the artisans that I’ve featured have exceptional designs and products!

  • Noble Knight Felt Crown. From the artisan… “This two toned gold and black felt crown with ruby red accents is waiting for a little knight to cherish it.” This crown is machine sewn and it is adjustable with the help of a Velcro closure in the back. It will adjust to fit little knights ages 1 and up. You can purchase this crown or others from Two Little Bluebirds on Etsy.

  • Plush Fluffcrobe. From the artisan… “It’s a microbe that’s not so micro any more! It’s fluffy and down right silly.” Fluffcrobes are made of polyester fleece, completely hand stitched together with the help of a little fabric glue and stuffed with poly-fil. You can purchase this microbe or other cutie-pies at Bubbletime on Etsy.

  • Wood Infant Rattle. From the artisan… “Rattles are easy to grasp, inviting to chew, soothing to hear and interesting to study.” The Polka Dot Rattle is about 5.5″ long and 1.25″ at its widest. The curvy handle, a satin smooth sanding and beeswax finish reveal the natural beauty of Maple and Walnut. You can purchase this rattle or other infant toys from Little Sapling Toys on 1000 Markets.

  • Pink Felt Tea Set. From the artisan… “This cute little tea set has 10 pieces for great afternoon tea party fun!” It comes with teapot with removable lid, 2 cups, 2 saucer, sugar caddy with 3 sugar cubes, a spoon and 2 little teabags. And the best part… it is completely unbreakable! You can purchase this set or other fun felt food at Little Bitty Bakery on Etsy.

  • Tell Me A Story Set. From the artisan… “The set is a game to encourage story telling and writing.” The Tell Me A Story Set comes with three natural wooden Story Starter Dice, a 50-page Match + Write Notepad and laminated Index Sheet. The dice come in a drawstring muslin carrying bag. You can purchase this story set or many other small objects from The Small Object on Etsy.


One Response to “Handmade Gift Guide for Younger Kids”

  1. I’m so glad I came across your blog! I’ve been looking for a tea set for my granddaughter and this one is perfect!

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