Original Art for Less then $50.00

As a follow up to my post on buying art, I will be featuring different artists at a variety of price ranges. The art will be pulled from a variety of online art galleries/stores.

My criteria for the featured pieces:

  1. Must be original artwork
  2. Priced at $50.00 or less
  3. The artist must have consistent work in their gallery/portfolio
  4. The piece is something I would consider buying as a gift or for myself.

Please keep in mind that art is subjective… they may not appeal to everyone.

The first group of artwork features seascapes as a theme.

The second group features landscapes as a theme.

The third group features still life as a theme.

The forth group features figures and animals as a theme.

The fifth and final group features abstract and non-representational themes.


6 Responses to “Original Art for Less then $50.00”

  1. Kelly — Thanks so much for featuring my “Tybee Spring Frolic”! And I’ll be checking out the other artists whose wonderful work is pictured here.

    Thanks again,

    Pam Ullman

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my Annapolis painting here in this post! It’s an honor to be included with so much other beautiful artwork.

    Erin Spencer

  3. You are a blessing. Thank You Kelly.
    Thank you for liking my art and consider it for your blog.


  4. Kelly, What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for including my seascape, but mostly, for all effort and time spent searching out these wonderful artists from a multitude of websites. Original art is important and affordable and thank you for pointing that out!

  5. Thank you Kelly for featuring my painting.

  6. good topic. thanks for sharing knowledge

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