Original Art for Under $100

The second post in a series featuring different artists at a variety of price ranges. The art will be pulled from a variety of online art galleries/stores.

My criteria for the featured pieces:

  1. Must be original artwork
  2. Priced at $51.00 to $100.00
  3. The artist must have consistent work in their gallery/portfolio
  4. The piece is something I would consider buying as a gift or for myself.

Please keep in mind that art is subjective… they may not appeal to everyone.

The first group of artwork features seascapes as a theme.

The second group features landscapes as a theme.

The third group features still life as a theme.

The forth group features figures and animals as a theme.

The fifth and final group features abstract and non-representational themes.


8 Responses to “Original Art for Under $100”

  1. Kelly – Thanks so much for mentioning my work! You’ve put me in good company – love the pieces you’ve chosen!

    Pamela Viola

  2. Beautiful collections, what a great idea! Thanks for including my work.

  3. What a lovely collection of art! Thanks so much for including my painting in your still life as a theme section.

  4. This is a great feature. I’m so glad you wrote this. People often think all fine art is horrendously expensive and out of reach–and this is a gentle reminder that purchasing original art from the artist is not only inexpensive, but also wonderful.

  5. Thank you so much for including my pussy willow art in your blog post!

  6. thanks so much! I keep coming back to see this blog!

  7. i love to visit art galleries both home and abroad, art has been my life-`.

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