2010 Handmade Gift Guide for Younger Kids

Today I’m featuring some handmade gift ideas for younger kids. Shopping handmade contributes to local economies, gives the finger to the big corporate box stores, and often helps with recycling. Join the handmade movement and purchase handmade this year.

All these gifts suggestions are handmade, and because I have great taste… the artisans that I’ve featured have exceptional designs and products!

  • Encourage the young artist in your life. These crayons from Kitty Baby Love are perfect a toddlers hand. From the artisan… “Each Kitty Egg is made from 7-8 non-toxic crayons with no paper wrappers or broken stubs to worry about. Kitty Egg Crayons are made to be long lasting and durable!”

  • Wanted new parents for alien. How cute is this alien from Adopt An Alien. From the artisan… “Dohomey, a green stripe print newborn is up for adoption and needs a loving home. He was found on Neptune sleeping standing up and when we woke him, he got scared and tried to run off.”

  • Dress up is not just for Halloween. Pretend play is one of the most imaginative things we can do as a child. Below is just two samples, check out all the great costumes from Dress Ups. From the artisan… “Quality Handcrafted Children’s Dress Up and Fancy Dress Costumes. Wholesome, and Memory Stirring of days when you ran/flounced around Grandma’s yard ordering your little brother to “Follow!” Dress up is in Australia, please order early.

  • With so many great wooden toys available from the Wood Toy Shop, I’m not sure what to feature. I settled on this great catapult, what kid (small or large) doesn’t want to have a great “machine” to throw stuff? From the artisan… “The wooden catapult comes with 3 bean bags for ammo. Use it to pummel those block castles. For the older kids who work in cubicles, use it to defend your territory or launch M&Ms at your neighbor.”
  • Here’s a wonderful baking set for the little helpers in your family. Check out Ooh La Lollipop’s great Little Baker Extraordinaire Gift Set, that includes usable cookie sheet and baking cups. From the artisan… “This is the perfect play set for your little baker-in-training! They will have hours of fun whipping up pretty little sweets to serve to all of their friends (or teddy bears, American dolls, or even Mom & Dad!).”
  • Keep little minds busy on long trips. Pi’lo is another shop full of wonderful gift ideas. I’m featuring this great Car Bingo Game. From the artisan… “wooden boards transferred with hand drawn images and small finishing nails to hang tags on as you spot the items. comes in 4 rural (10 x 24″) and 4 urban (8 x 12″) versions.”

  • To keep little bodies buy, here is a great little bowling set from Green Bee Good. From the artisan… “An adorable bowling set for little ones. You’ll receive 10 pins and a ball, all stored in a matching drawstring bag.”

All photographs are property of their respective owners. Photos used for illustrative purposes only.

4 Responses to “2010 Handmade Gift Guide for Younger Kids”

  1. We feel proud to be shown along side the amazing talents in your feature … thank you! Happy Dressing Up to all!!
    Liza xo

  2. Thanks for including the crayons! Love that catapult and the little bowling set XD

  3. Brenda - Ooh La Lollipop Says:

    What great gifts you have listed here!! Thank you so much for featuring my Little Baker Extraordinaire set!

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