2010 Handmade Gifts for the Host/Hostess

It’s the party time of year. As the holiday season kicks into gear, it’s a good idea to be prepared for giving your host/hostess a little thank you. There’s no better way to enchant your host or hostess then with a handmade gift. Remember that shopping handmade contributes to local economies, gives the finger to the big corporate box stores, and often helps with recycling. Join the handmade movement and purchase handmade this year.

I tried to keep all these suggestion at an affordable price, with one exception (too beautiful to leave out) they are all under $30.00.

  • What host or hostess wouldn’t love this beautiful hand carved birch tray from Mr. Hudon. The shop also carries a lot of great games. From the artisan… “Carved with hand tools, starting with a bowl adze and ending with a travisher and spoke shave, sanded silky smooth, then finished with varnish and wax.”

  • How about a tasty treat to be enjoyed by all. This 4 ounce jar of bruschetta from Rosa Maria’s Kitchen is a perfect fit. Need more? She’s happy to map larger sized jars. From the artisan… “For an appetizer – top a small piece of baked bread, pop back in the oven to heat through. They will be gone before you can make more.”

  • What every bartender needs, great skewers for those martinis. Check out these handcrafted martini picks from Harlequin Weave. From the artisan… “Set of 4 stainless steel, handcrafted martini picks. Approximately 3.5″ from base of the design to end of pick. Great to use for your favorite drink, to hold onion or olive alike or even use on a plate of hors d’oeuvres.”

  • Always appreciated by a hostess, lovely table linens. Pick up some great block printed napkins on organic cotton from Oh Little Rabbit. From the artisan… “We only use the highest quality fabric inks that are sure to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of your kitchen. Whether throwing a dinner party or just grabbing a quick bite to eat, these napkins will make even fast food fancy.”

  • These magnetic spice containers from Cook Outside the Box make a great little gift for the chef or gourmand. From the artisan… “This beautiful magnetic spice kit has eight spices and herbs that are frequently used in a kitchen.”

  • Bring the gift of a beautiful scent. How about this fir and sage candle from Sydney Hale Co. From the artisan… “Crisp Siberian Fir needles with lush garden sage and a touch of grapefruit.This green fragrance is a favorite in the collection.”
  • Add to your hostess festive spirits with this cute little snowman from Trieste Prusso Design. From the artisan… “This snowman is just waiting for the season to start! He is made of clay, sculpted, sanded, painted, and antiqued by me.”

All photographs are property of their respective owners. Photos used for illustrative purposes only.

One Response to “2010 Handmade Gifts for the Host/Hostess”

  1. Awesome ideas. I really like the martini skewers. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season.

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