2010 Handmade Stocking Stuffers for Men

Christmas is getting closer and closer. Time to really get down to shopping. My next four posts will be for those great stocking stuffers. They will, of course, all be handmade and at a reasonable price. First up… those hard to buy for men.

  • There is nothing sexier then a great smelling man… and a great start is this bay rum and lime soap from Sweet Petula. From the artisan… “Scent blend is spicy and manly!….but women tend to like it as well. This moisturizing soap replenishes the skin while it cleanses and produces a comforting and refreshing fragrance.”

  • Is he a fly fishing fanatic? This hand-tied fly from Ruff Waters Fly Fishing might be the perfect stocking stuffer. And with the great low price, you can buy him several! From the artisan… “I use this with tons of luck on the east coast for Atlantic Salmon.”

  • Maybe hunting is more up his alley. How about this beautiful hand turned bird call from Pacific NW Woods. From the artisan… “Made from Bocote and Maple with a copper band, this is a Speckled Belly Goose call, which can be changed out to another game bird call, if you like.”

  • Is golf the name of the game? How about some unique ball markers from E. Ria Designs. From the artisan… “This sterling silver 7/8″ disc is stamped with one of these phrases (or pick your own to personalize!)”

  • Yummy treats are always a big hit. Try some soft pretzels from In Good Taste…. for a delightful snack. From the artisan… “Sprinkled with just the right amount of natural sea salt to set off your favorite dipping sauce.”

  • Or maybe your guy has craving for sweets? These wonderful chocolate butterscotch bars from Whimsy and Spice would satisfy any sweet tooth. From the artisan… “Adapted from a much loved recipe from childhood, two separate layers of rich butterscotch and fudgy chocolate atop a graham cookie crust are a divinely sweet indulgence with absolutely luxurious textures.”

All photographs are property of their respective owners. Photos used for illustrative purposes only.

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