2010 Handmade Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Today’s post will be the last of my 2010 Holiday Gift Guides. Last but not least, stocking stuffers for kids. They are, of course, handmade and affordable.

  • What child doesn’t love stretching the limits of their imagination with some play dough. Check out this wonderful handmade dough from All Sewn Up. It’s even good for their little hands. From the artisan… “These are unlike any other play clay you or your little ones have ever used. They have a very smooth feel that leaves hands feeling smooth and soft, rather than dry and gritty.”
  • All Sewn Up is offering an exclusive 10% Discount on products in her store. Please enter coupon code TENforFRIEND to get your discount!

  • Too cute for words is the Guinea Pig from Zygopsyche. Stuff your stockings with one of these fuzzy pink lovelies. From the artisan… “Made of plush faux fur and stuffed with a super soft down alternative polyfill, they are great for snuggling and gift giving.”

  • How about a little something they can carry with them in a pocket to keep them busy? Try out this cute gumdrop top from Mamma May I. From the artisan… “Though they are small, they offer a great bit of fun and are completely portable, as they fit easily in the palm of you hand.”

  • Feeling rushed and don’t want to take the time to bake? Let someone else do the baking for you. Kids just love a tasty treat in their stocking, and what better then these snowy day cookies from Sugar and Flour. From the artisan… “These cookies are made with my absolutely perfect vanilla/almond sugar cookie dough and are frosted with vanilla/almond royal icing.”

  • Busy little fingers need finger puppets! Monsters galore from Chasing My Star. From the artisan… “Each monster, alien, or creature is a uniquely hand-made finger puppet made out of luscious anti-pill fleece material with hand stitched details (and with no buttons or other small parts).”

  • How about a scavenger hunt to keep those busy minds occupied. This is a great little set from Blynken & Nod includes 32 cards to keeping them running. From the artisan… “This little set includes a deck of 32 cards and 8″x12″ muslin drawstring collection pouch, each illustrating an object that can be found in many typical playgrounds, parks, and backyards. They’re great for encouraging outdoor exploration, and are a handy size to carry in a purse, glove box, or backpack.”

Well that wraps up my 2010 Handmade Gift Guides. If you haven’t already, please check them all out, along with all the great artisans. I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

All photographs are property of their respective owners. Used for illustrative purposes only.

5 Responses to “2010 Handmade Stocking Stuffers for Kids”

  1. Those cookies are adorable and would be devoured here!

    Thanks for posting on my blog post thread!


  2. Thank you for including my Gumdrop Tops in your collection of affordable handmade goodies! I truly appreciate you sharing my creations with your readers!

  3. I don’t have a child but I certainly want half of this stuff to make its way into my stocking this year. The tops bring me back. I had so many when I was little.

  4. Linking back to this one on a post this weekend, now that I have my own blog over at blogger
    ( http://allsewnupetsy.blogspot.com/ )

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