Pursuing the Perfect Purse

This is a story of my pursuit of a new purse. It was an ordeal, to understand why you should understand a few things about me…

  • I am cheap, cheap, CHEAP when it comes to buying purses. Although I adore leather purses, I will not pay $300.00 for a purse. They may be the best purse in the world, but I simply will NOT pay that for purse. Why? Well… it’s a car payment, three weeks of groceries, a month and a half of house cleaning, and I could go on and on. And worst of all I wouldn’t feel like I could purchase another purse for 6 years (uhmmm… no way). I, on average, will pay no more then $50.00 for a purse, and then I’m practically having a cow.
  • I am short. I am 5’1 or so (I recently measured at 5’2″, don’t know where that extra inch came from). Since I am short, and lets say… not skinny, I have to watch big patterns, and really big bags. They just make me look like a rolly polly ball walking around. Not that I’m hugely concerned with looking shorter, but big bags mean lots of bumping into everything. I already am a walking accident, I don’t need help from things hanging off my body.
  • My purse cannot be too small (damn I used to carry just a wallet). Now that I am older I find I’m turning into my mother… I need to carry a wallet, a phone, lotion, lip balm, my keys, my spare keys, two eye glass cases (prescription sunglasses and computer glasses), business card holder, electronic entry card and a blood test kit. Occasionally a book, knitting project, or dog leads. At least I’m not carrying around wrinkled up kleenex (yet).
  • My purse requires pockets. Without pockets I end up dumping everything out, just to search for that damn elusive pen or lip balm.
  • My purse also requires straps long enough to be carried on my shoulder. I can’t stand just holding a purse, I like to have my hands free.
  • I recently have posted why I and everyone else should be buying handmade… Oh crap, now I better put my money where my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I buy handmade for lots of things (all my Christmas gifts were handmade, birthday gifts, etc.). But when it comes to clothes and purses, it’s harder. It’s just so much easier to walk into a department store and buy a mass produced purse. So I upped my expected paying price to around $100.00.
  • I did not want to purchase from someone who is a mass producer or reseller. Yes they are everywhere. So, that eliminates a lot of cheaper purses. And not always easy to spot. My first clue was pricing… always unreasonably cheap. Having hundreds of items for sale at once along with thousands of sales in a short time. But I did weed them out.
  • I also wanted to purchase a purse from someone in North America. Trying to contribute to local economy.

On to the pursuit of a purse. Too many purses, my head is spinning, OMG I don’t know what type of purse I want. I did filter the search by gray, a nice neutral winter color. I hoped for photos of the inside of the purse. I liked when there was at least one photo showing scale with a person or dress form. I also checked out the overall shop for a selection of purses and overall quality. And the search went on until I found “the one”.

Meanwhile… here are some great finds that I found during my pursuit for the perfect purse.

  • Milfanway Twisted from Hypernoodle. I like the overall shape of the purse and the little personalization detail. Lots of pockets! From the artisan… “I am all about details, details, details when hand making my bags and this one is no exception~ the bag has a super cute D-ring strap accented with nickel studs and rivets–it every so slightly bunches up the top of the bag for a very neat style dimension.”

  • Admiral Striped Baguette from Jayna Umeda. I like the colors and style of the bag, roomy enough without being too big. It also has inside pockets. From the artisan… “The durability and beauty of this tote is attributed to the aesthetic pairing of high performance outdoor materials with woven upholstery fabric; quality construction and attention to details. Over time it will retain its elegant appearance.”

  • I like this purse from Fuzzy Logic Felt. It’s reversible, clean, elegant. And it’s felt, so it’s water resistant! From the artisan… “Round bag, round grays, with just a touch of lime. Simple, styling, yet very elegant. Just flip the bag and it’s completely new on the reverse side.”

  • What I love about this bag from Uzura is that it has a design, but not one that would overwhelm me. From the artisan… “This handmade eco-friendly hemp handbag has a picture of a songbird screen-printed on the front.”

  • I love to felt, so of course I love this felted bag from Lavender Hill Knits. The cutouts and stitching just add that special something. From the artisan… “This bag was handknit and felted using charcoal and black merino wool yarn. The cut-out applique and embroidery design are on both sides of the tote. The cut-out applique gives a hint of the lining fabric and is accented with black glass beads.”

  • Subtle herringbone pattern, six (count ’em SIX) pockets, adjustable strap. What more could a girl want. This great messenger bag is from Stash. From the artisan… “Unique small messenger or shoulder bag made with black and ecru wool fabric with herringbone weave. The bag is lined with off white cotton canvas.”

  • How about this completely unique up-cycled bag from Vintage to New. I love the rose detail on the front. From the artisan… “Each one of my bags are individually handmade by me and no two bags are ever exactly alike. I used reclaimed fabrics whenever possible.”

  • Ohhhh… the best of both worlds… gray on the outside, and fun pattern on the inside. This great bag from Anny and Me also comes in a larger market tote and petite tote. From the artisan… “A nice size- perfect when you don’t want to tote around an enormous bag. Simple and clean design really focuses on the fabrics.”

  • Another cutie, that looks like a double-breasted coat. And Stuff I Sew will gladly customized it! From the artisan… “The Arlington Bag is made from wool herringbone tweed, and is the perfect addition to any outfit. The Arlington has a silky red satin lining with one internal zipper pocket, and buttons hand-stitched to the front in red thread.”

So which one did I chose? Well, none yet… still contemplating. Too many great choices.

All photos are used for illustrative purposes only. All photographs are property of their respective owners.


3 Responses to “Pursuing the Perfect Purse”

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my bag! 🙂

  2. Ah, you’ve educated me to the perfect purse. Sounds like you think like me. You certainly picked some stunner when it comes to texture and design.


  3. Love the fact that you now need a bigger purse just like your mother. I will point out how many times you made fun of me!

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