A Through Z, or Rather X & Y

It’s only taken me a little less then a month… But 170 dog breeds later I am finished with all the Dog Breeds with Words. Starting with the monkey-faced Affenpinscher to the rare and hairless Xoloitzcuintli and ever popular Yorkshire Terrier, and everything in between.These are all the American Kennel Clubs official breeds. I’ve started on those breeds that are currently showing in the Miscellaneous Class awaiting full approval. Then onto other breeds that accepted by other kennel clubs and working toward AKC approval.

These designs can be found on CafePress right now and through Dog Mom Dog Designs. Dog Mom Designs sells at dog shows in the Pacific Northwest, as well as online. I’ll be working on getting them into my  Zazzle store. My head is spinning with the work to be done.


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