Exploring Art… Gouache

Gouache is both a technique and a product. As a technique it dates to before the renaissance. The technique refers to the use of white to achieve opacity in watercolors. The technique of adding white to water-based pigment is often referred to as body colour. White can be added to both watercolors and acrylic.

Gouache is also type of paint with pigment suspended in water with a binding agent. Gouache differs from watercolor in the following ways: the particles in gouache are larger then in watercolor,  the ratio of pigment to water is much higher, and an additional, inert, white pigment (i.e. chalk, zinc) is also present. So gouache heavier and more opaque then watercolor with greater reflective qualities (versus translucence of pure watercolor).

Gouche artwork needs to be protected by UV glass when framing. As with other artwork, it should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Below are some wonderful original gouache pieces. As with all of my featured art/artists these are pieces I would purchase for myself or as a gift.

  • Tree of Life Sakura Matsuri Blue by Gene B of Once Upon A Paper


2 Responses to “Exploring Art… Gouache”

  1. Raliegh Says:

    I am delighted to be on your blog. A very nice collection represented here as well. I’ll be looking in from time to time. Mahalo Raliegh

  2. Thanks so much for being included on your list. What lovely company I’m in!

    Denise Antoinette

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