Exploring Art… Paper Craft

Paper craft is the collection of art forms using paper or cards as the primary medium. The creation can be two or three-dimensional. Included in paper crafts are the individual arts of papercutting, quilling, embossing, cast paper, paper making, collage, book binding, papier-mâché, iris folding, and origami.

Papercutting is the art of cutting paper designs with scissors or Xacto blades. The art has evolved uniquely all over the world. In China the art is known as Jian zhi, where it has been practiced since the 6th century. In Indian it is known as Sanjhi. In Japan as Kirie. Papercutting can also be found in Mexican and Jewish cultures.

Quilling or paper filigree uses strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper shaped coils are arranged to form flowers, leaves, etc. to create the artwork. Quilling has probably been around since the invention of paper (around 100 A.D.) It really came into it’s own during the Renaissance when nuns used quilling to decorate religious articles.

Cast Paper is a technique using cotton fiber paper that is “cast” into a three dimensional artwork using a mold. Cast paper artwork has been used to form lightweight “paper statues” and wall art. Some artists prefer to leave the finished product untouched, but the cast can be decorated and/or painted.

  • Love by Fiber Scribe

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. It began in the mid 17th century and has evolved into a modern art form. There are many types of origami: action origami, where the piece can move; modular origami; wet-folding, which produces gentle curves; pureland origami; tessellations; and kirigami, which allows cuts along with folding.

  • Arroyo by Claudia Moody-Jones


One Response to “Exploring Art… Paper Craft”

  1. Thank you so much for including my Quilled Blue Heron in your wonderful collection of paper crafts. You have chosen many paper crafts that I have not yet seen as well. They are all beautiful. Great blog…I will be following your blog.

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