Exploring Photography… HDR

HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range imaging. HDR is a set of techniques that allows a greater range between the lightest and darkest areas, creating a luminance that is not possible with the current digital techniques. The wider range allows images to more accurately represent the real intensity levels in scenes.

HDR images are typically generated by combining multiple normal images of the same scene, taken at different intensity levels, then merging the photographs together to create the image. HDR can also be emulated with photo editing software.

Fine art photographs should be preserved by mounting on acid-free backing, and framed behind UV glass. Photographs should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent damage to the image.

Below are some great HDR photographs. As with all of my featured art/artists these are pieces I would purchase for myself or as a gift.


One Response to “Exploring Photography… HDR”

  1. Sukanya Ramanujan Says:

    I love these photographs. I only had a vague understanding of HDR so far, but your post was very helpful.

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