Helpful Hints for Selling Your Art Online… Pricing

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been exploring various mediums of art and types of photography. During this time I’ve run into a myriad of problems finding pieces to feature, or information about art or the artist. This series post is going to list some helpful hints for those wanting to sell online. Some of these hints seem to be a “well duh” hint. But it’s surprising how many people don’t do these simple things.

Name Your Price!

It seems to be a simple thing, but surprisingly there are many artists out there who don’t list prices. If you want to sell your work online… list a price, or at least have a page listing approximate price ranges. This is, of course, for those not on a store-front site (i.e. Art Span, EBSQ, Fine Arts America).

If your work is only sold through a gallery, then have a statement saying just that, but still give an approximate price range. Don’t take the mind set that if buyers are interested they will contact you. This is simply not true! You are probably turning away 90% or more of potential buyers with this attitude. Including me, and I’m not only an artist, but a buyer of art.

When you don’t list a price the first assumption is going to be that you want a lot of money for your pieces, and probably an unreasonable sum. I’m not saying this is true, just the impression given. And let’s face it, if your going to charge $10,000 for a 5×7 painting, you are not going to sell it online. Some people may pay that for the right painting, but they aren’t going to do it online.

If you simply have a portfolio site are not selling art at all… say so. Be as informative as possible. You never know who is looking at your site, be it a potential customer or potential employer, etc.

If your price is negotiable, say so. But still list a range of prices. Something simple, categorized by size, or medium. Anything to give the buyer a general idea of the cost of your art.

I might be looking to buy or I might be looking to feature your art. If there isn’t a price, I probably won’t do either. When I’m looking at to feature I almost always have criteria. And one of those criteria is usually an affordable price. I’ve been known to feature more expensive pieces. But I rarely feature anything that does not have a price.


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