Helpful Hints for Selling Your Art Online… Social Media

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been exploring various mediums of art and types of photography. During this time I’ve run into a myriad of problems finding pieces to feature, or information about art or the artist. This series post is going to list some helpful hints for those wanting to sell online. Some of these hints seem to be a “well duh” hint. But it’s surprising how many people don’t do these simple things.

Smile and Be Sociable!

How many times did you hear smile and be sociable when growing up? Too many to count I’m sure. Well… Mom does know best at times. Social networking is a great way for people to find out about your art. Think of it as more free advertising.

Social media is a great way of increasing your SEO. More links, more mentions, more tweets means better positioning of your site. Before I started seriously blogging about my designs and art I had 1 total sale on Etsy, and averaged about $100.00 per year on CafePress. Since I’ve started blogging my sales have increased across the board. No, I’m not a top earner in any of my stores, but the sales are much better.

I have since added Twitter and Facebook to my arsenal of social media.

What Do I Blog About?

Blogging might seem to be a challenge. Simply blogging about your artistic process is a start. People are interested not only in artwork, but how it is done. I’ve had some great responses from featured artists with more helpful links and information about their art processes.

What challenges you? What intrigues you? Featuring other artists is always a great way to get people to your blog. I’ve even used my blog to vent about things that drive me nuts about the art world (the snobbery, the critics, etc.).

Blogging everyday is not necessary, but once a week or so, to keep people coming back. I have my periods where life is too busy to keep up, but I do try to blog at least a couple times a month at minimum.

The KISS Principal

The KISS Principal is my mantra about blogs, facebook, etc. Keep It Simple Stupid… don’t muck up your visual space (i.e. website) with tons of blinkies, widgets, etc. Scrolling through pages and pages of annoying blinking pages will make most viewers run screaming for the hills.

Part of it is the graphic designer in me, part of it is the artist. There is no need to fill every inch of your web page with “stuff”. I try to keep my navigation column with as few of links as possible. When your navigation column is longer then your post column, it is waaaay too long. Either have expandable links, or if you have more then 10 links per category it’s time to have a page just for those links. Face it, there is no way a anyone is really reading 30+ blogs a day.

Wrapping it Up

Take a moment to view a Etsy Photo Basics… Closing Arguments.  This post was previous published in October 2009 and has good hints about watermarking, etc. Remember good photographs = good marketing.


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