Weekly Contest on Facebook Fan Page

Starting today (Tuesday, July 12, 2010) I am running a weekly contest on my Facebook Fan page. You could win the design of your choice on a t-shirt, hat/cap, bag or mug.  For now, the product will come from my CafePress store or my Zazzle store.

While I will tweet about the contest, you can only win on Facebook, not by tweeting me.

The Rules

  1. I will put a quote from a recent dog breed design post (Wry Toast Design facebook page) in the status. The quote will be from within the last month.
  2. You must comment on the “status” with the correct breed.
  3. The first one to comment CORRECTLY is a winner.
  4. You get to choose any design, any t-shirt, hat, essential tote, or apron or mug (single only) from WRY TOAST designs on CafePress or Zazzle. Designs that do not come from my store do not apply. See Tuesday’s Toasty Tidbits Contest post for updated information.
  5. While I will “tweet” about the contest, the contest winner will only be chosen from the Wry Toast Design Facebook page. You cannot win from twitter.
  6. I can suspend the contest at anytime at my discretion.

Note: All of my designs are on CafePress, I’m still working on the Zazzle store. If the design you want is not on the Zazzle store, I will upload it for you.

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