D(almatian), E(nglish Toy Spaniel), F(lat Coated Retriever)’s

I’ve added three new illustrations to my Cafepress shop: The Dalmatian, the English Toy Spaniel (aka King Charles Spaniel), and the Flat Coated Retriever. They are also available through CKC Embroidery and Dog Mom Dog Designs.

  • The Dalmatian is the only spotted breed in the AKC. They have a heritage of both working and sporting dogs. Dalamatians have been dogs of war, draft dogs, shepherd, ratter, firehouse mascot, bird dog, trail hound and retriever. The fun-loving and people-oriented Dalmatian thrives in a family environment.
  • The English Toy Spaniel is also known as the King Charles Spaniel (FCI, The Kennel Club). This merry and affectionate toy dog comes in four colors: Blenheim (red and white), Ruby (red), Prince Charles (white with black and tan markings), and King Charles (black and white). The breed has appeared in many noble portraits from the 17th to 19th centuries.
  • The Flat Coated Retriever’s ancestry includes the “Retriever Proper”, Newfoundland, Setter, sheepdog, and spaniel-like water dogs. This hard worker’s tail never stops wagging. With his cheerful, optimistic, and good-humored temperament he excels as a family companion.


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