G(erman Shepherd Dog), H(arrier) and I(rish Terrier)’s

I’ve added three new illustrations to my Cafepress shop: The German Shepherd Dog, the Harrier and the Irish Terrier. They are also available through CKC Embroidery and Dog Mom Dog Designs.

  • The German Shepherd Dog has been hailed as the world’s leading police, military and guard dog. But he is so much more than that, he is also a loving companion, herder, obedience and agility competitor. He is an ideal choice for a loyal family pet.
  • The Harrier is known for his strong nose, tirelessness and excellence in tracking and agility. He was developed in England to hunt in packs. His rise in popularity can be traced to his slower hunting speed, so he could be followed on foot. The Harrier is an outgoing and friendly scent hound.
  • The Irish Terrier is a trim terrier with a beautiful red coat. He is a good tempered and spirited dog, who is great with children and deeply loyal. In the past, the Irish Terrier was used as a sentinel and messenger.


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