T(ibetan Spaniel), V(izsla) and W(ire Fox Terrier)’s

I’ve added more illustrations to my Cafepress shop: The Tibetan Spaniel, the Vizsla and the Wire Fox Terrier. They are also available through CKC Embroidery and Dog Mom Dog Designs.

  • The Tibetan Spaniel is a small, active and alert breed. Found in early Eastern art dating as far back as 1100 BC, where they were prized as pets and companions in Tibetan monasteries. Tibbies thrive on human companionship and need to be with their people.
  • The Vizsla is originally from Hungary and is also known as a Hungarian Pointer or Hungarian Vizsla. The Vizsla sports a beautiful golden rust-colored coat. They are natural hunters endowed with a good nose and above-average training ability.
  • The Wire Fox Terrier is active, friendly and playful and will spring into action at the slightest provocation. They make excellent companions and watchdogs for the home. They are predominately white with black and/or tan markings. Their coat is dense and wiry.


2 Responses to “T(ibetan Spaniel), V(izsla) and W(ire Fox Terrier)’s”

  1. I love your designs. It is so hard to buy embroidery outline designs. I am hoping that you do sell these.

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