8/30/11 Tuesday’s Toasty Tidbit Is…

Make him look like a giant mop!

To win the Wry Toast design of your choice on a t-shirt, bag or apron, comment on this post with the correct answer, the first one to post the correct answer wins. The answer can be found on the Wry Toast Facebook Fan Page. The quote about the dog breed has been posted in the last 4 weeks. It’s just that easy to win.

Check out this page for the rules of the contest and information about the prizes.


2 Responses to “8/30/11 Tuesday’s Toasty Tidbit Is…”

  1. Michelle Mainguy Says:

    A large, muscular breed, the Komondor is mostly known for its unusually dense, protective coat of heavy white cords (which make him look like a giant mop!) that form naturally as the breed matures in age. The coat serves to cover vulnerable body parts in case of attack, helps him blend in with his flock and protects him from weather extremes http://www.cafepress.com/wrytoast/7631649

  2. kellyjcallahan Says:

    Congratulations to Michelle Mainguy who is today’s winner with the correct answer of the Komondor. Michelle, please contact me at WrytoastDesign@gmail.com

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