9/13/11 Tuesday’s Toasty Tidbit Is…

Ladies of the court groomed it in the likeness of a little lion.

To win the Wry Toast design of your choice on a t-shirt, bag or apron, comment on this post with the correct answer, the first one to post the correct answer wins. The answer can be found on the Wry Toast Facebook Fan Page. The quote about the dog breed has been posted in the last 4 weeks. It’s just that easy to win.

Check out this page for the rules of the contest and information about the prizes.


3 Responses to “9/13/11 Tuesday’s Toasty Tidbit Is…”

  1. BeckinRiensche Says:

    The Lowchen, right?

  2. Lisa Phillips Says:

    The Lowchen

  3. kellyjcallahan Says:

    Congratulations to Lisa Phillips for the correct answer… The Lowchen.

    The Löwchen is a companion dog bred for centuries for the sole purpose of giving love and hoping to get love in return. If he saw a squirrel he might run after it but wouldn’t know what to do if he caught it! If he confronted a burglar, he’d bark and then, with a Löwchen grin, lick his hand and lend assistance. The Löwchen is convinced that life is a bowl of liver treats. Perhaps this happy attitude comes from being allowed for hundreds of years to sleep on the beds of princesses as a combination hot water bottle and flea catcher. But don’t be mistaken, this dog may look like a fluff but he is Wagnerfearless, a true little lion!

    While Becki had the first answer, she just won 2 weeks ago… and I do ask that you wait a month.

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