From the Nursery On…

Fostering the Love of Art in Your Child

The availability of affordable art and the internet have opened up an entire world of possibilities for decorating your child’s room with original art. Art for your child doesn’t need to be childish nor simple. The wonderful choice of not decorating from a big box store, but buying handmade and creating a unique environment that reflects their personality, hobbies, favorite toys and color choices.

The artwork you purchase for your child can be an wonderful way to pass on art to their children. A family tradition starting from the nursery on.

Below are some wonderful original pieces for children. All of these pieces are affordable. As with all of my featured art/artists these are pieces I would purchase for myself or as a gift.

  • Barcelona Carnival Ferris Wheel by Bob of Bomobob. I love the colors in this photograph, so bright and whimsical. A perfect piece of art to build a room around.

  • Splat by by Ingrid Padilla. Artwork absolutely doesn’t have to be literal. Kids will love this colorful and fun abstract piece.

  • Bike Love Kite Love by Isabel Fuentez-Eaton. Childlike, yet sophisticated. I love the deep colors and complementary palette.

  • Your Toy Portrait by Jennifer Maher. I love, love, love that you can order a custom portrait of your child’s favorite toy and it’s so affordable. What a great gift to pass on and on. I’m very tempted to break out my flower-power lion Clarence that I received in 1968, my much loved toy.

  • There are Birds on My Head by Magaly Ohika of The Itsy Bitsy Spill. While maybe not considered traditional child’s art, I can totally here this coming out of their mouth. I love the use of bright colors and the abstraction.

  • Orange Monster by Aaron Butcher. This original ACEO monster and many more are so reasonable at $5.00 that you can buy several to create a monster party.

  • Royal Fox by Kit Chase of Trafalgar Square. Think of the wonderful stories you can create around this cute watercolor.

  • Z is for Zebra by Lynnette Shelley. Let’s learn the ABCs with original artwork.

  • Personalized Speed Racer by Stephen Fowler of Gemini Studio. Not only original but personalized for your child with their name, birthdate and color scheme.

  • Peek-A-Boo by Irene Suchocki of Eye Poetry Photography. I love this beautiful photograph that brings a little bit of fairy tale into a room without screaming FAIRYTALE.

  • Magnificent Creator Wings by J.C. Spock. What a wonderful message to spread to your children. This painting is also meant to be touched.


2 Responses to “From the Nursery On…”

  1. Kelly it is lovely and all the art here is beautiful!

    Thank you!

    Magaly ohika

  2. Beautiful collection! Thanks for including my magnificent creator wings! ♥

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