2011 Handmade Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Another day closer to Christmas and another Stocking Stuffer post, today… for Teens. All suggestions will be handmade and at a reasonable price.

  • For the Skater Boyz and Girlz… Dog Tags made from recycled skate boards. From the artisan… “We give each broken board we rescue a new lease on life and turn it into something it was never meant to be. Each piece is completely handmade and, because no two boards are ever ridden the same, each one is unique and really is one of a kind. Perfect for the person who likes to stand out amongst the rest.” You can purchase these or other recycled goods from All Decked Out.

  • From Quacked an adorable, yet ferocious cookie monster cell phone charm. From the artisan… “”Cookie Monsters are meteorites broken off from the planet ‘Dough.’ When falling through the Earth’s atmosphere, they become warm and crispy. Cookie Monsters are best eaten fresh. Eat them before they eat you…”

  • For the girl who likes to change it up every day… Perfume samples from Lemon Citrus. From the artisan… “Love those perfume vials that you get at the perfume stores at the mall? Afraid to commit to a full bottle of perfume oil then end up not liking the scent you purchased? Or just want a few varieties of perfume oil to put on…depending your mood? Then this set of perfume oil samples will be perfect for you.”

  • For the musician a set of wood guitar picks from Woody Pick. From the artisan… “Each with its own unique sound. Unlike run of the mill mass produced plastic picks, each of these picks has a unique sound depending upon the type of wood and the unique hardness of the location within the original board. No two picks will play exactly the same and all will generate a much more organic sound than any other pick material.”

  • For the geek in the family… A Periodic Table Hat from Yellow Bug Boutique. From the artisan… “Now nobody can question what that thing is on your head. Of course, they can still question what’s UNDER the beanie, but that is none of their business.”

All photographs are property of their respective owners. Photos used for illustrative purposes only.

One Response to “2011 Handmade Stocking Stuffers for Teens”

  1. Great stuffers! Thanks for including my cookie monster charm!

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