Westminster Dog Show Contest

With the annual Westminster Dog Show is fast approaching and I’ve decided to have a contest.

What you need to do to win…

Go to my Facebook Fan Page and comment on the Westminster Dog Show post with your favorite dog breed or the breed that you think will win Westminster… that is it.

Comments will be accepted from now (February 1, 2012) until February 12, 2012. Once the dog show begins on the 13th, comments will be close. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

What you will win…

You will win a high-quality Comfort Colors garment-dyed t-shirt with any of my Wry Toast designs. You can check out the shirts/designs here.

Who will win?

Anyone can win. You’ll be assigned a number: 1 for comment #1, 2 for #2 etc. A number will be randomly selected through random.org and that will be the winner.

A second bonus prize for the person who correctly guesses the Best in Show Breed. If more then one person picks the correct breed, I’ll return to random.org and select between the correct answers.

Ready, Set, Dog Show…


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