Inventory Changes at Wry Toast Designs

It’s been a busy 6 months at Wry Toast Designs. Busy making shirts, busy doing analysis of sales, colors that sell, etc. One of the decisions I’ve made is to start keeping an small inventory of shirts on hand. It’s no where near the amount of colors and style available, but enough colors to do a quick turn around for buyers who need a faster turn around time.

After spending many hours checking sales of shirts, tallying of colors and styles and made my decision on inventory.

Currently, in Comfort Colors short sleeve t-shirts, I have black, brown, navy, hemp, khaki, violet, berry, lagoon blue, kiwi, blossom and white in sizes small to 3XL. In LAT Sportswear I have black and brown V-neck ladies shirts in inventory. Sizes small to 2XL. I might be adding some other colors in time.

I also am carrying all colors of Port & Company tote bags: athletic gold, black, bright lime, brown, carolina blue, charcoal, chrome, hunter green, hyacinth, kelly green, maroon, navy, pink, purple, red, royal, stone, tangerine, and tropical pink.

I’ve also tightened up turn around times a little. When I can, I order from a warehouse on the west coast. This shortens shipping times from warehouse to me. I am striving for a 2 week turn around. I’m not always successful, but I try.


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