Movin’ On Up

To the Big Time…

I’ve recently finished working on my new e-commerce website. I can now be found independently at

I’m using the Shopify platform. Information will be secure and private. Customers can choose PayPal or Credit Cards for transactions.

With recent changes at Etsy, the banning of the Betsi app, and the simple shear number of designs I have. I decided to make the jump into my own e-commerce site.

A few of the things I love about the new site…

  • Customers will be able to chose their apparel type. A design can be ordered on a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie.
  • When ordering customers will choose image size for the illustrated dog designs.
  • They can choose their dog color on the Doodle designs.
  • They can let me know the gender of the garment receiver. This will help me in choosing vinyl colors for the Dogs in Words designs.

Shortly, I will be adding new functionality for ordering tote bags. And more size options on decals.

I will be maintaining my Etsy site, but with fewer designs. With almost 1100 listing, Etsy is too expensive to maintain them all. I will keep the AKC breeds on Etsy, but the rarer breeds will only be available on my new site.

I hope you come by and visit. Stay tuned for Grand Opening discount offers.


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