Bitter and Sweet

I don’t often write about my personal life on this blog, but I thought I’d share a little of my past few months. They have been some of the most rewarding and difficult.

I feel that I’ve made giant leaps in defining my personal style in my paintings. Reached many of my goals. Yet at the same time, I’ve lost a dog who has been essential to my growth as a person.

The opportunity for a showing at Studio 262 Gallery, has allowed me to work hard for over 6 months. Painting steadily, creating, defining. Find my own. I’ve come a long way in the last 18 years in my painting. At the opening reception, I had many great comments, questions, and compliments. Probably my favorite… “your paintings are so happy.” To me that is the best compliment. When I started painting in acrylics my paintings were very angry. I was not in a good place. But, it was good therapy. Especially after not allowing my artistic side to show for 10 years or more.


And the bitter… My dog, my sweet Jazz, is gone. He has brightened my life for almost 14 years. He, too, was essential in my progression from a very angry, very depressed person to the woman I am today… Happy, loved, at peace, content, happy.

While they were very good years filled with his love and gentleness, I am heart broken with his loss.

It’s hard to express how he meant. From the moment I said “I want a dog” 14 years ago, until I held him as he passed, he has meant the world to me. He helped me put away years and years of anger and depression. He accepted Brian whole heartedly when he came into my life. He has loved and helped raised Katie, his bratty little sister. And loved and indulged our cats (past and present) and our late bunnies.

He rarely ever met a person he didn’t like. Loved to meet other dogs. Loved to walk at the dog park, but disliked overly aggressive dogs. Loved car rides and hated hair cuts. Loved to lay under a shady tree while I gardened, and hated to go outside in the rain. But, take him to the beach… he’d play forever in the surf.


And sweet again. Through complete serendipity we have welcomed a new puppy into our lives. Her name is Poppy. And we feel unbelievably lucky to have her in our life. She has helped Katie overcome her depression over the loss of her lifelong companion. She makes us laugh with her silliness. She’s still a torment to the cats. But soon they will fall in love also.



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