About Me

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A native of Oregon, I now live in Battle Ground, Washington with my husband, two dogs and two cats. I am a graphic designer/web designer by trade. I always seem to have a million projects going at once.

A few of my “hobbies” include watercolor and acrylic painting, knitting, reading. gardening, furniture refinishing, etc. I try to be creative every day, whether it is painting, knitting, spinning, etc.

6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I Kelly,

    I am back trying to connect with the world after Mom’s death. My life was not my own since late June. Drop me a line and lets try to get together real soon. Paula

  2. Thanks for posting Alex!

  3. Mike Williams Says:

    Have you submitted a 99Designs.com entry for 3 Dog Farm?
    Your graphics are in some of the entries.

    • kellyjcallahan Says:

      Thanks for the info Mike. I have not submitted any designs, so they were stolen. I see that it is now off the site, before I had a chance to report it.

  4. Good Morning from Australia,

    I love your drawings and am wondering if I my use them to digitize embroidery for my customers at my market stall, Durack. Durack is run by http://www.cccq.org.au where all dogs are shown.



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