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2011 Handmade Stocking Stuffers for Teens

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Another day closer to Christmas and another Stocking Stuffer post, today… for Teens. All suggestions will be handmade and at a reasonable price.

  • For the Skater Boyz and Girlz… Dog Tags made from recycled skate boards. From the artisan… “We give each broken board we rescue a new lease on life and turn it into something it was never meant to be. Each piece is completely handmade and, because no two boards are ever ridden the same, each one is unique and really is one of a kind. Perfect for the person who likes to stand out amongst the rest.” You can purchase these or other recycled goods from All Decked Out.

  • From Quacked an adorable, yet ferocious cookie monster cell phone charm. From the artisan… “”Cookie Monsters are meteorites broken off from the planet ‘Dough.’ When falling through the Earth’s atmosphere, they become warm and crispy. Cookie Monsters are best eaten fresh. Eat them before they eat you…”

  • For the girl who likes to change it up every day… Perfume samples from Lemon Citrus. From the artisan… “Love those perfume vials that you get at the perfume stores at the mall? Afraid to commit to a full bottle of perfume oil then end up not liking the scent you purchased? Or just want a few varieties of perfume oil to put on…depending your mood? Then this set of perfume oil samples will be perfect for you.”

  • For the musician a set of wood guitar picks from Woody Pick. From the artisan… “Each with its own unique sound. Unlike run of the mill mass produced plastic picks, each of these picks has a unique sound depending upon the type of wood and the unique hardness of the location within the original board. No two picks will play exactly the same and all will generate a much more organic sound than any other pick material.”

  • For the geek in the family… A Periodic Table Hat from Yellow Bug Boutique. From the artisan… “Now nobody can question what that thing is on your head. Of course, they can still question what’s UNDER the beanie, but that is none of their business.”

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2011 Handmade Gifts for Older Kids and Teens

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Today I’m featuring some handmade gift ideas for older kids and teens. Shopping handmade contributes to local economies, supports small business, and often helps with recycling. Join the handmade movement and purchase handmade this year.

All these gifts suggestions are handmade, and because I have great taste… the artisans that I’ve featured have exceptional designs and products!

  • Here is a great gift idea for the teen who’s not girly-girl but still likes to wear some jewelry. From the artisan… “A leather and sterling silver bracelet you will never take off. Custom stamped with your personalized message.” You can purchase this bracelet or other personalized jewelry from Studio Jewel.

  • A little bold and retro for the boy who needs a time keeper. From the artisan… “1-1/2″ wide of hand-cut vegetable-tanned leather, treated with an oil to give the band a supple and broken-in feel.” You can purchase this watch or others from Creative Urges.

  • A lovely original, one of a kind, fiber art piece that can go from middle school to college and beyond. A gift to last for years. From the artisan… “In this original, one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered work of fiber art, three circular or oval flowers are featured. They were cut out from fabric scraps in lavendar, purple, white, gray, and pale blue. I then used embroidery thread to adhere them to the medium gray cotton background, and used the embroidery thread to also create many little details within each flower. Their stems are a single line of thread, and from the stems you can see tiny leaves, swirls, and little threaded pods.” You can purchase this lovely embroidered piece of others from Sometimes I Swirl.

  • A manly skull tankard for the guy who needs to be tough and get his morning brew. From the artisan… “This very large tankard sports a single large skull and crossbones with XX Zombie Eyes. It has a soft feathering of various blue-green copper colored glazes in gloss and satin textures with a little pale white that blend bronze/black where they meet and blend with the matte/metallic black skull and crossbones outline. The interior is a satin creamy clear. This stein feels really nice to hold- the wavy handle is very comfortable and the cup is weighted well.” You can purchase this mug from Nicole Pangas. Please note at the publication of this post Nicole was in the middle of production. She will have more mugs available the week of 11/21/11.

  • A pretty yet durable leather journal for those daily happenings, romantic dreams, or angst-ridden diatribes. From the artisan… “This adorable yellow leather journal will fit well in your purse or backpack and can be carried with you everywhere you go.” You can purchase this wonderful journal or others from The Binding Bee.

  • A graphic tee for the Ninja in your life. From the artisan… “This is My new Ninja Boy Tee. Each shirt is hand-printed by me, so slight imperfections and color variations will exist.” You can purchase this design or others from Namu.

  • This cutie is perfect for the tween girl who is not quite grown-up. From the artisan… ” Meet Rafe. Rafe has all the rakish charm and sophistication of a cultured French bachelor. If he were a person, you’d spot Rake at the nearest cafe, espresso in hand reading Sartre; because fiction is so pedestrian, non? Rafe is a philosopher, a poet and an activist. His shaggy brown fur is like that guy who rolls out of bed with the hair that looks like messy perfection.” You can purchase Rafe or other personalities from Bijou Kitty.

  • For the fan of steampunk or alternative history a wonderful print of King Congo. From the artist… “From the series “Order of Nefarious Villains.” Imagining an alternate world in which Steampunk villains inhabit a Victorian society, the Order of Nefarious Villains are represented from a variety of countries, each with their own unique abilities.” Your can purchase King Congo or many other villains from Chet Art.

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DIY Gift Guide for Tweens and Kids

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This gift guide is for kids and tweens who would like to make their own handmade gifts, but don’t know where to start. These kits (in most instances) will include everything you need to create your own gift(s) and join the handmade revolution!

Some of these kits require adult supervision.

Please remember that these kits are to be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Resale of these items is strictly forbidden.

  • This great little kit from Keep and Share will teach you how to crochet and you’ll end up with a table mat and coaster. From the artisan… “The kit includes everything you’ll need to get started – as well as the instructions, you get a chunky Brittany birch crochet hook and a 100g ball of our new ‘easy-knit’ Offcuts Yarn, a woolen cord yarn which is really easy to work with.”

  • This Lip Balm Kit from Sakura Bath and Body provides fun and enough “makings” for eight tubes. From the artisan… “Create – Entertain – Nourish. With our Lip Balm Kit, you can do all three! Perfect for parties, scout troops, craft time, family time, or just for fun!!”

  • Nature lovers will love this DIY Terrarium Kit from Warm Country Meadows. From the artisan… “This kit comes complete with a glass jar with a metal lid. I will send full assembling and care instructions along with your purchase.”

  • This next kit is great for embroidery and encouraging written correspondence. Curious Doodles has several great embroidery kits. I’m highlighting the kit that comes with 5 different cards. From the artisan… “Stitchies are oh so tactile and will be treasured far longer than the usual electronic correspondence.”

  • How cute is this kit from Kate Dowding… Make Your Own Sock Monster! From the artisan… “This kit is for beginners, but some hand sewing is needed so younger monster makers may need some help.”

  • Goose Grease Undone offers five yo-yos to paint yourself. Combine with another of their paint kits and get ready to have some fun! From the artisan… “How about five nice old fashioned wooden yo-yos. comes ready to paint or just play.”

  • The modern “Shrinky Dink”. Who knew this 1970s favorite would make a such a wonderful handmade comeback. This kit from Jessica Poundstone has everything you need to make your own suncatcher. From the artisan… “This kit contains everything you’ll need to make a one-of-a-kind suncatcher – an ornament for your window or wall – out of shrink plastic!”

  • If you like “Scrabble Pendents” you love this DIY kit from Annie Howes. This kit contains supplies for six pendents. From the artisan… “This beautiful DIY Square Glass Pendant Kit has everything you need including a professionally prepared tutorial with photos and tips to make 6 gorgeous pendants!”

  • Learning to weave with this kit from Rock Paper Stitch will be a breeze. From the artisan… “The sturdy handmade frame and metal pegs will last you a long time. The top and bottom edges are raised to keep the weaving lifted away from the frame. A water based varnish gives it a finished look. The kit ships with its own box for easy gift giving.”

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2010 Handmade Gifts for Older Kids and Teens

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Today I’m featuring some handmade gift ideas for older kids and teens. Shopping handmade contributes to local economies, gives the finger to the big corporate box stores, and often helps with recycling. Join the handmade movement and purchase handmade this year.

All these gifts suggestions are handmade, and because I have great taste… the artisans that I’ve featured have exceptional designs and products!

  • I wish wall decals had been around when I was growing up. What a fantastic way to change up a room without a lot of work and damage to walls! I’ve featured both a feminine and masculine design from Urban Walls. These are just two of the many designs available. From the artisan… “We can customize almost any wall decal for you. From a simple jpeg picture to a thought in your head, we can make your vision a reality on your wall.”

  • Are your girls always looking for an inventive way to wear their hair? How about this headband  with a great pop design from Janine Basil. Her shop is filled with lots of fun and funky headwear. From the artisan… “Wonderful new embroidered headband as part of my new line! This one features pop art inspired circles in red on black and lined in black. Can be worn to one side or on top of the head.”

  • Who says all backpacks are basically the same? Check out this great backpack from Medium Control. And if teens/kids would like another style, there are other great styles. From the artisan… “This canvas backpack is lightweight and comfortable. It has one roomy main compartment, three front zippered compartments, plus two side pockets with elastic and tie-down straps. This small backpack is still roomy enough to fit most 15-inch laptops.”
  • Start your kids on the handmade revolutions with a Do-It-Yourself kit. Stuck Together has put together this great magnet kit that includes everything needed to get started. From the artisan… “Are you crafty and like to try it yourself? This is a complete DIY Magnet Kit with materials to make 10 one inch magnets made the Stuck Together way.”

  • Got a yo-yo enthusiast on your list? Even if you don’t, this wonderful yo-yo from Amazingly Rustic will make one. From the artisan… “his is a concave (butterfly style) profile wood yo yo turned from East Indian Rosewood. The string is fitted over a center bearing for smooth action.”

  • Geeky or cool? What does it matter with this great t-shirt from Non-Fiction Tees.  From the artisan… “Do you know your carbon footprint? Carbon is earth’s most abundant element and resource, and is continually recycled and reused through the biosphere and all organisms, and this unique science tee is part of that cycle!”

  • Is she too cool for gloves or mittens? I’m sure she would warm up to these beautiful organic cotton fingerless gloves from Knot Original. From the artisan… “I knit this pair of fingerless gloves with an organic cotton yarn in the soft faded denim blue color of a perfect summer sky.”

  • How about some crazy creative shoes? They’ll certainly stand out in a crowd with these hand-painted shoes from Ink Wear 99. From the artisan… “This is a pair of crazy eyes, tattoo inspired, custom designed shoes. We can change the color of the eyes or the background, to make a custom pair of shoes for you.”

  • How about a total unique bangle bracelet. This great creation is from Alisa Burke. From the artisan… “Made from handmade and hand painted fiber beads. Boho inspired for anyone who wants to wear something totally unique and make a statement!”
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Busy, Busy, Busy October

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Hi, hello there world, it’s been a while… I’ve been swamped. What with the English Springer Spaniel National Specialty during the first week of October, catching up at work last week. Knitting, knitting, knitting, trying to get ready for Winter selling season and hopefully Crafty Wonderland. I have finished three scarves and uploaded them to Etsy… One scarf sold in less then 12 hours. So I’ll be highlighting the other two.

The first scarf was knit from handspun yarn from FlyngMunky on Etsy… Acid Wash Jeans. The beautiful gray-blue color is perfect for a guy or gal. I knit it in sections of seed stitch, banded with rows of stockinette.

The second scarf was knit with Cascade Jewel (in a now discontinued color). I knit Shocking Pink in a seed stitch to bring out the wonderful thick and thin aspects of the yarn.

Both scarves are now available at Wry Knot on Etsy… check them out.


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I’ve added two listings to Etsy… the Timberline Hat and Timberline Scarf. Both of these items were knit from a 60/40 blend of wool/alpaca. They are very soft and would make a wonderful gift to the man in your life.