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Islands in the Stream — For Sale

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This is a 100% merino wool wrap. It was wet felted by hand. Very soft and durable.

$75.00 plus $5.00 shipping.


Islands in the Stream; merino wool felted wrap

Affordable Original Art… Ready to Hang

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In the past the cost of framing a piece of art could be a big deterrent to purchasing original art. With a small sized 8×10 piece of art can costing upwards of $50.00 to frame, added on to the cost of the piece of art. And, of course, the larger the canvas, the bigger the price to frame. Very quickly a piece of art’s total investment can quickly spiral into the unaffordable. And most people don’t want to buy art, and have it sitting around collecting dust in the closet, while they wait to be able to afford framing.

In recent years the availability of gallery-wrapped or wrap-around canvases has made it easier for artists to create more affordable art. Since the sides of the canvas doesn’t show unsightly staples, an artist can finish the sides… and voila… a ready to hang piece of art. The availability of these canvas on a mass-market basis has made it easier for those artists who don’t stretch their own canvas to create a more “finished” piece.

Along with gallery-wrapping, is the availability of deeper canvases. The “typical” canvas is approximately 1/2-inch deep. Now a variety of depths are readily available from 1/2-inch to 2-1/2-inches. Combined with variety of surfaces (i.e. cotton, linen, clayboard) artists have a better variety to choose from for their creations. All of this means the artist can be creating more affordable art. The less time artists can spend preparing their mediums, the more time they can spend on actual painting, the less they can charge per piece.

Below are some wonderful original works of art, all of them affordable (less then $150.00) and ready to hang. As with all of my featured art/artists these are pieces I would purchase for myself or as a gift. I also look for a consistent portfolio, so that if you’re interested in the artist there is a choice of selections.

  • Passage by Carlynne Hershberger of Hershberger and Huff Studios

A side note: If you do decide to get your piece framed now or in the future. Please do not allow the framer to put an oil painting behind glass. Oil paintings should never be put behind glass. Even with drying agents in the paint it takes months to years for a painting to cure. Please remember that their job is to up-sell, and glass can add $$ to the total. I feel the same way about acrylic paintings. Part of the appeal of these types of paintings is their texture, and to put them behind glass dampens the effect. On the converse side, watercolor and pastel paintings should always be behind UV glass to protect them from fading and damage.

Soft and Lovely

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I’ve been busy uploading inventory to Etsy the last couple of days. Here are three of the softest and most beautiful scarves:

  • Whipped Cream is a lovely scarf knit in a zig zag lace pattern in 100% organic cotton. Unbelievably soft and warm.
  • Bunny Ears is a versatile wrap or scarf. Knit in alternating sections of 100% wool and a bamboo/silk.
  • Secret Love is a beautiful ethereal 100% mohair scarf.